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Supplier of a wide range of local and imported knitting yarns. Specialising in Natural Fibre yarns such as Pure Wool; Mohair; Alpaca; Cotton; Silk; Bamboo and others like ....."Soybean Protein Fibre". Our range of acrylics and synthetic blends includes: Baby yarns; 4-Ply's; double knit; Aran weight; chunky; viscose blends; metallics; boucle; chenile; ribbon yarn; knobbly; novelty & fashion yarns. Soft, furry, exotic, fluffy, textured yarns are all the latest rage and we have a great selection to show you.

Brands available: Elle; Sirdar; Rowan; Jaeger; Pingouin; Schachnmayr; Nomatto; Gedifra .................

Patterns & Books

The ONLINE SHOP is under construction.
A wide range of knitting and Crochet patterns and books will be on offer. Embroidery publications and cross-stitch charts are also available.

Cross Stitch

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Cross Stitch is an old form of embroidery. The stitch may be either counted or stamped. Counted Cross Stitch is worked on even-weave fabrics, with Aida or linen using stranded cotton embroidery floss. All the kits in our store are 'COUNTED' unless otherwise stated. Each kit will include a design which is represented on a chart with symbols; each symbol corresponds to a floss colour.

Embroidery Materials

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This store will contain various counts of Aida & Even-weave embroidery fabrics; linen; Hardanger; single thread canvas; Soudan canvas, DMC threads & Cottons; Silk Ribbon; Kreinik braids; Metallics; Rayon floss; Mill Hill beads. Accessories; Needles; embroidery hoops; scissors; magnifiers; floss organisers; floss bobbins and much more.


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The term "tapestry" originally described as a form of weaving. Today the craft is also known as "needlepoint" or "canvas embroidery". A tapestry is created by using needle and yarn and working in either a combination of a variety of stitches or more commonly, in "half cross stich" (also known as "tent" stich) on evenweave canvas. The yarn used is generally 'wool' or 'mat cotton' but in recent times other yarns such as rayon, silks and metallics are used creating textured or dimentional effects.

Our site will carry a wide range of tapestries eg. Old Masters; Religeous; Fauna & Flora; Animals; Landscapes etc. in various sizes.